(126)  Difficulties with the marriage laws

The wedding of Pandora Clifford and Ivo Curwen was conducted in St Mary’s Church Haddington on 21 July 2001 by Richard Holloway, recently retired as the Episcopalian Bishop of Edinburgh, and was followed by a lavish reception at the home of the parents of the bride, Tyninghame House, East Lothian.  But a marriage schedule had not been obtained from the district registrar, contrary to ss 3-6 of the Marriage (Scotland) Act 1977, which require the parties to give notice to the registrar and provide that the schedule may not be issued until 14 days after the notice unless the parties otherwise request in writing and the authority of the Registrar General for Scotland is obtained.  The father of the bride, Timothy Clifford, Director of the National Galleries of Scotland, was reported to have said that nonetheless the wedding was the real thing”