The special committee of the House of Lords to consider the Constitutional Reform Bill (see No 335) has been set up, and is named in a press release dated 25 March 2004, accessible at

http://www.parliament.uk/parliamentary_committees/lords_press_notices/pn250304constreform.cfm.  The committee, which will deliberate twice-weekly, has called for the submission of written evidence by 23 April 2004; submissions should be addressed to Rhodri Walters, Clerk of Committees, Committee Office, House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW.  Both a hard (paper) copy and an e-mail copy should be supplied (e-mail: fordk@parliament.uk). 

The March issue of the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland summarises Lord Falconer’s speech on the subject of the Supreme Court at the WS Society on 20 February, as well as having a cover photo in black and white of the Lord Chancellor looking slightly suspiciously at the camera, as if to refute the cheery chappie slur (more pics inside too).  Other recently published offerings on the subject: James Chalmers, Scottish Appeals and the Proposed Supreme Court”