On 7 January 2005 Fife, Midlothian and West Lothian Councils began judicial review proceedings over Edinburgh Council’s plans for congestion charging in the city.  The petitioning councils claim it is unfair some capital residents would be exempt from charges, while motorists in other councils would have to pay.  The petition says that Edinburgh has flouted the recommendations of a public inquiry report released in October 2004, which stated the council should abandon plans not to charge Edinburgh residents living outside an outer cordon.  The council wants two cordons, one inside the capital’s ring road, the other round the city centre.  A £2 charge would apply from 0700 – 1830 at the inner cordon and 0700 – 1000 at the outer boundary on weekdays. Edinburgh residents are to be given the opportunity via a referendum during the week 7-11 February to state their views on the scheme.  Controversy has also arisen because inclusion of one’s name on the city’s electoral roll does not guarantee that one will receive a ballot paper for the referendum.  Those who had been prudent enough to say that they did not wish to receive junk mail through use of the electoral roll would not receive a ballot paper unless they specifically asked the council to send them one.  The editor of Scots Law News is at the time of writing awaiting with bated breath his voting paper.  Finally, in the week 31 Jan-4 Feb a rash of Vote Yes” posters mysteriously and illegally appeared on lamp-posts around the city; the council decided there was insufficient time before the referendum to procure their removal