Steve Gough, the Naked Rambler, flew back into the headlines on 18 May 2006 when, en route from Southampton to Edinburgh courtesy of FlyBE, he shed his attire in the plane toilets and stepped out into the cabin – presumably to the unbridled delight of other passengers and crew, as he was arrested upon arrival at Edinburgh airport after refusing to resume his togs during the remainder of the flight.  Gough was charged with breach of the peace and public indecency and so made yet another appearance in Edinburgh Sheriff Court on 19 May, where he pleaded not guilty.  In the meantime, according to the Edinburgh Evening News report, he had been dumped” by his long-suffering fiancĂ©e Mel Roberts.  The purpose of Gough’s trip north had been to appear in the Court of Criminal Appeal for appeals against some of his previous contempt of court convictions (see No 539); presumably these proceedings still lie ahead.  However