(9)  Assessing Research in the Scottish Law Schools

Assessment of the quality of research in the Scottish law schools during the period from 1 April 1992 to 31 March 1996 followed hard on the heels of the assessment of teaching quality in Scottish law schools mentioned below (No 1). The results were published on 19 December 1996. Aberdeen received a 5B, meaning that 80-94% of its staff achieved international excellence in some sub-areas of activity and attainable levels of national excellence in virtually all others. Edinburgh and Strathclyde received a 4A, meaning that 95-100% of their staff achieved national excellence in virtually all sub-areas of activity, or international level in some and at least national level in a majority. Glasgow and Dundee were awarded 4B, giving the same level of achievement, but in the case of 80—94% of staff.