(35)  The media rank University law schools

On 11 May 1998 the German newspaper Der Spiegel published a list of rankings of European law schools based upon the quality of their teaching. Edinburgh was placed sixth out of 36 in these rankings, bested only by Tilburg, Cambridge, Oxford, Leuven and Passau. No other Scottish law school was listed. The Times of 13 May 1998 ranked the top 20 UK law schools using factors such as official teaching and resaearch rankings, entry grades (based on A-level requirements), and expenditure on facilities such as libraries, computing, and accommodation. Edinburgh was the leading Scottish university in these rankings at 19th, with Aberdeen 20th. It is possible that the emphasis on A-level entry requirements skewed these figures to some extent. The overall ranking of universities by The Times published on 15 May 1998 placed the Scottish law faculty universities as follows: Edinburgh (7), Glasgow (20), Aberdeen (33), Dundee (38) and Strathclyde (42). The Financial Times has also produced an overall ranking of universities, and the Scottish placings are as follows: Edinburgh (8), Glasgow (21), Dundee (33), Aberdeen (38) and Strathclyde (41).