(117)  Scots law and South African law

On 19 April 2001, an important ceremony was held in the new Oliver Tambo Moot Court Room at the Law Faculty of the University of Cape Town.  Lord President Rodger formally handed over a set of The Laws of Scotland: Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia to the Acting Deputy Chief Justice of South Africa, Mr Justice J W Smalberger, for the Library of the Supreme Court of Appeal.  The set was donated to the Library by Butterworths, Scotland.  The ceremony was attended by a number of present and former South African Judges of Appeal, including D G Scott JA, F D J Brand AJA, and the former Chief Justice, Mr Justice M M Corbett, as well as by judges of the Cape Provincial Division of the High Court.  Both Lord Rodger and Mr Justice Smalberger referred to the benefits which would flow from the increasing links between the two legal systems of South Africa and Scotland and to the usefulness of the Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia in promoting these links.  On behalf of all the Judges of Appeal, Mr Justice Smalberger expressed sincere gratitude to Butterworths for their generosity.  After the ceremony Lord Rodger gave an address to UCT Law Faculty entitled Stands Dicey where he did? Recent constitutional developments in the United Kingdom.”