(151)  McGrigor Donald, KPMG and KLegal

McGrigor Donald, the second largest firm of solicitors in Scotland, is to follow in the footsteps of Dundas & Wilson (see No 18) and merge with the legal services arm of one of the Big Five international accountancy firms, KPMG.  There will continue to be a Scottish practice, McGrigors Scotland, as well as a McGrigors Northern Ireland; but the London arm will be known as KLegal, and the McGrigors logo will be replaced by one in the KLegal housestyle.  KLegal believes that there is an advantage in using Scottish solicitors for commercial work because they charge lower rates than other London firms.  Meanwhile, Arthur Andersen, who merged with Dundas & Wilson in 1997 (see No 18), are in difficulties as the auditors of the failed US company Enron, and may face claims worth many millions of dollars.  It is thought, however, that this is unlikely to affect Dundas & Wilson.