(192)  Dirks, claymores, etc, and Highland dress

On 28 June 2002 Sheriff A M Bell at Edinburgh Sheriff Court granted interdict to a tenant retailer of Highland dress against its landlord who was held to have contravened a provision in their lease agreement that the landlord would not permit [any other retail unit in the premises] to be used for any purpose which includes the sale and hire of Scottish Highland dress and accessories.  The landlord offered for sale in other units Scottish dirks, basket-hilted and other broadswords, and claymores, as well as tartan ties, hats and scarves in wool and silk.  Sheriff Bell held, following expert evidence, that Highland dress and accessories in the lease included dirks but not claymores and basket-hilted or other broadswords, whether of Scottish design or not.  It was also held that tartan ties were Highland dress but not tartan hats and scarves.  The position of C U Jimmy headgear does not appear to have been discussed.  See Geoffrey (Tailor) Highland Crafts Ltd v G L Attractions Ltd 2002 GWD 24-776.