A Petition (PE 619) signed by 62 Scottish law academics was submitted to the Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament by Professor Eric Clive of the Edinburgh Law School, calling for the Scottish Parliament to express its grave concern that the United Kingdom is engaged in military action against Iraq without the support of the Security Council of the United Nations, and on the basis of legal advice from the Attorney General, as to the legality of the use of the force, which appears to be unsound.  The petition was considered on 25 March 2003, and the Committee agreed to seek comments from the Attorney General on the arguments presented by the petitioners and to consider the petition again in the light of his response in the new session of the Parliament following the elections to be held on 1 May.  See the Official Record for that date, cols 3042-5; also at http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/official_report/cttee/petit-03/pu03-0702.htm#Col3042.