Officials in London and Washington are discussing a statement from Libya which appears to accept civil (but not criminal) responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing. Latest reports over the long-running compensation issue suggest a fund to compensate victims’ families has been created. In a statement, Libya’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Abderrahmane Chalgam said: We have taken on the responsibility for this case on the basis of the international law which states that the state takes on responsibility for what its employees do.


Responding to the statement, British Foreign Office Minister Mike O’Brien said efforts were being made to agree all the details of a deal. The families of the victims are due to receive about $10m (£6.2m) each in three instalments, according to the statement from Tripoli. The money is said to be being collected from businessmen and companies inside and outside the country with the aim of US sanctions on Libya being lifted following payment of the first two instalments. 30 April 2003.