Following the Scots Law News comment about the need for a female appointment to the House of Lords (see No 273), but no doubt coincidentally, Dame Brenda Hale was promoted to the House from the Court of Appeal in England & Wales on 23 October 2003.  Dame Brenda will be known as Lady Hale, and will take up her post in January 2004.  She will not have to wear a wig when sitting in the House, but has previously attacked the wearing of wigs on the ground that they deny women their femininity.  Lady Hale was initially appointed to the bench in 1994, having previously been an academic lawyer and a Law Commissioner, well known in particular for her expertise in family law.

While we are dancing on glass ceilings, Scots Law News congratulates Dr Alison Elliot of Edinburgh University’s Centre for Theology and Public Issues on her appointment as Moderator of the General Assembly of Scotland: the first woman to hold the post, and also the first lay person for many centuries.