This week (beginning 24 November 2003) sees an appeal to the House of Lords in the case of Burnett’s Trustees v Grainger (see No 173; also No 129), in which the scope of the (in)famous decision in Sharp v Thomson 1997 SC (HL) 66 will be reviewed.  The panel consists of Lords Bingham, Hoffmann, Hobhouse, Hope and Rodger.  Conveyancers, insolvency and property lawyers are all holding their breath.  So are environmentalists and the inhabitants of Harris, as the appeal of Lafarge Redland Aggregates against refusal of permission to create a superquarry” at Lingerbay on the island reaches the Court of Session once more (see Nos 89 and 193).  It appears that the mountain of Roineabhal will have to be set against the creation of jobs for the people of Harris.”