Nicky Walker, the Scotland rugby player whose trial for assault was postponed (see No 262) to allow him to go to Australia with the Scotland squad for the World Cup (won, alas! by England – but of course well done to Clive Woodward and his merry men), was tried in Jedburgh Sheriff Court on 12 December 2003 and, having been found guilty, was fined £300.  He also offered to pay for the dental treatment needed by his victim (Walker is 6′ 4 tall and weighs 17 stone).  Walker had not been selected for any of the Scottish games in the World Cup.  His main consolation therefore was the comment of Sheriff Kevin Drummond: “I accept that you are a young man of previous good character and have not previously been in trouble of any kind.  You have accepted responsibility for your error of judgement and have expressed remorse and regret for your action.  That is to your credit.””