On 12 February 2004 the Scottish Parliament approved the nomination of Kathleen Marshall (50) as the first ever Commissioner for Children and Young People in Scotland . Established under the Commissioner for Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2003, the Children’s Commissioner will be responsible for promoting and safeguarding the rights of children and young people up to age 18 years, and those up to 21 in certain circumstances.  The input of children and young people featured during the selection process. Candidates were required to interact with a group of 20 children and young people. The children and young people then prepared a report on this interaction to help inform the Selection Panel of MSPs.  The nomination now goes forward to the Queen for Royal Appointment. Kathleen Marshall will take up her appointment in late April/early May.  The Commissioner will be independent of the Parliament and subject to removal by a resolution of the Parliament. She will be accountable through a duty to report, at least annually, on the exercise of her functions, to the Scottish Parliament.  Kathleen Marshall is currently a Child Law Consultant and Visiting Professor at the Glasgow Centre for the Child & Society at the University of Glasgow. She also works as a Research Consultant to Lord Clyde, the Justice Oversight Commissioner appointed to oversee implementation of the criminal justice reforms arising out of the Northern Ireland Good Friday Agreement. From 1989-1994, she was the Director of the Scottish Child Law Centre. Her work has addressed many aspects of the lives of children and young people including family matters, education, international child abduction, health, public care, criminal justice and participation in court processes.