Following the decision of Lord Bonomy in Napier v Scottish Ministers  2004 GWD 14-316 that the continued practice of ‘slopping out’ in some Scottish prisons was contrary to prisoners’ human rights (see No 353), the Scottish Ministers failed to submit their intended appeal within the required deadline of 21 days from the decision (given on 26 April 2004).  On 7 June 2004 an extension of time was sought from the Court of Session, and a decision is awaited.  Justice Minister Cathy Jamieson, still under intense political pressure as a result of other events (see No 350), appeared to blame the Lord Advocate’s department for the slip-up.  Politicians of other parties blamed Cathy; she can comfort herself with the thought that at least she wasn’t involved in the Scottish Parliament building project, and that Lord Fraser won’t be after her as well (see No 358).