Joe Gordon (37), who worked for Waterstone’s book store in Princes Street, Edinburgh, was dismissed for gross misconduct early in January 2005.  Gordon had made comments about his employer in an online diary, or blog, entitled the Woolamaloo Gazette, sometimes referring to Bastardstone’s and also to his manager as Evil Boss.  Waterstone’s said Mr Gordon would have two opportunities to appeal against his dismissal.



On 6 January 2005 campaigners for re-opening of the Waverley railway link between Edinburgh and the Borders (closed in 1969) held a march to mark the 36th anniversary of the line closure.  The Bill for the re-opening of the line (see previously No 257) will receive parliamentary consideration in February 2005.  


Somewhat belatedly, the Court of Session hanselled 2005 by introducing a neutral citation system for referring to its judicial decisions.  Such systems were introduced internationally in the late 1990s so that one could tell from the citation the year of a decision and the court which gave it, together with a sequential number within the year in question.  Alongside paragraph numbers in judgments, which the Scottish courts did adopt some years ago, the system is intended to facilitate citation of page-less Internet and other computer versions of court decisions in the same manner as traditional law reports.  The Court of Session system is as follows:

CSIH – Court of Session Inner House

CSOH – Court of Session Outer House

So far as Scots Law News has noted, no system has yet emerged for sheriff court decisions; but we do already have UKHL for the House of Lords.  Given that Canada has snaffled SCC for its own Supreme Court (a decision which it is thought contributed to the Scottish difficulties in joining the system), perhaps SCUK will be the answer there.  But that may have its own difficulties, as fans of FCUK and derogatory phraseology teen-style will be quick to work out.  If you don’t know about this, see the enlightening judgment of Rattee J in French Connection v Sutton [2000] ETMR 341 (no neutral citation available, but it is on Westlaw) and such websites as schoolsucks.com (no responsibility accepted for what you find there).



Scots Law News is pleased to announce the results from its annual awards ceremony, held at a secret location on Hogmanay 2004.  Winners in each category are asterisked below.  Also, Robbie the Pict and the Skye Bridge have each received a lifetime achievement award.  But more is expected from them in 2005, as also of many of the ordinary nominees.  It was agreed to defer a lifetime achievement award for the Scottish Parliament, as it was thought there might be more evidence by this time next year.  The Budd Inquiry wins the special Inquiry of the Year award, as the only inquiry actually to get anyone to resign.  Our congratulations to it and all the other lucky winners.  Happy New Year for everybody else.

Man of the Year:


The Naked Rambler

Robbie the Pict  

Tiger Morison

Mark Clark MBE *

Woman of the Year

The Minister for Justice

Katherine Grainger *

The Solicitor General for Scotland

Baroness Hale of Richmond

Construction Work of the Year

The Scottish Parliament *

The Skye Bridge

The Supreme Court

Lingerbay (super)Quarry

Sheriff of the Year

Sheriff Richard Davidson *

(former) Sheriff Raj Jandoo

Sheriff Edward Savage

Sheriff Kevin Drummond

Bill of the Year

Gaelic Language Bill

Civil Partnership Bill *

Constitutional Reform Bill

Breastfeeding etc Bill

Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Bill

Inquiry of the Year

The Hutton Inquiry

The Butler Inquiry (see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/3892809.stm)

The Fraser Inquiry

The Budd Inquiry (see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4099581.stm) *

Politician of the Year

Mike Watson MSP

Lord Falconer of Thoroton (the cheery chappie) *

George Galloway MP

Minister for Justice

Wildlife of the Year

Collette the whale *





Arbroath smokies

Litigant of the Year

The Roman Catholic Church

Mohamed al-Fayed

Tommy Sheridan

Lord Robertson of Portgower *

Gordon Jackson QC MSP

Topic of the Year

The right not to have to wear clothes

Slopping out

Violation of sepulchres


Future of baron courts

Insanity and diminished responsibility *