Having the doubtless old-fashioned view that TV series’ run on a weekly basis, and not being so addicted to the delights of the box as to have it permanently switched on, Scots Law News missed the second episode of The Gathering Place, the BBC2 series on the building of the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood, which was broadcast, not on Thursday 17, but on Tuesday 15 March 2005.  Other media coverage of the programme since confirms that once again Donald Dewar was notable by his absence, and that the focus remained on the troubles of the design team – Enric Miralles’ widow and business partner, Benadetta Tagliabue, receiving a less than flattering treatment – while MSPs came out this week as slightly more responsible (in the good sense of the word) than in episode 1.  Watching out for when episodes 3 and 4 are to be broadcast could become as exciting as watching the price of the Parliament spiral over the last few years, especially as the TV schedules are bound to be disrupted by Holy Week and Easter.  The sort of cavalier approach to the humble viewer that stopped Scots Law News watching cricket and rugby highlights programmes years ago.