On 27 December 2005 Media Logistics (UK) Ltd, a company from Falkirk, accepted civil liability to Channel Islands businessman Nigel Roberts for sending him spam – more politely, targeted but unsolicited email advertising and promotional material.  The spam had advised Mr Roberts about a contract car firm and a fax broadcasting business.  He began his fightback with the Data Protection Act 1998, asking Media Logistics how it had got hold of his details, but the company declined to give him this information.  He then began his action.  The case took place in Colchester County Court because the company is registered in England and Mr Roberts had limited his claim for damages to £300 to make it a small claim.  The case was not defended and judgment was given for £270 damages and £30 costs.  It is believed to be the first successful claim in the UK under the Privacy and Telecommunications Directive of 2002.