It having become clear that there was no chance of Tommy Sheridan being re-elected leader of the Scottish Socialist Party (see No 587 for his previous aspirations in this regard), the great man decided to set up a new party instead, to be known as Solidarity: Scotland’s Socialist Movement.  He was joined by SSP MSP Rosemary Byrne, the only one of the SSP Parliamentary group to give evidence on his side during the great court case against the News of the World.  The new party was launched in Glasgow on 3 September 2006, the highlight of the day being Tommy’s mum aptly serenading her boy with the song “Impossible Dream” (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5buYLOanF8; note especially the smiles from Mr and Mrs Sheridan). 


According to the New Statesman for 25 September 2006, Mr Sheridan commented of the maternal performance: “Embarrassment just doesn't cover it.”

Also worth noting, after Mr Sheridan’s comparison of his court victory with Gretna FC beating Real Madrid at the Bernabeau stadium, that in the qualifying round of the UEFA Cup, Gretna lost 5-1 at home to Northern Ireland football superpower Derry City and went out of the competition (despite an honourable 2-2 draw in the away leg).