Perth Sheriff Court seems to be where it all happens these days (see e.g. Nos 616, 650, 677, 706, 715).  On 8 February 2008 Gregor Spalding (31) was there fined £300 for having cannabis plants in his possession at home in Blairgowrie.  In pleading guilty, Mr Spalding’s explanation was that he was not a drug dealer but was rather growing the stuff for personal use to relieve the pain of a genital itch (pruritus) which had lasted for three years, resisting more conventional medication (this last was confirmed by evidence from his doctor).  The police discovered his seven young plants under a lamp when they entered his home looking for one of his neighbours, and detected a not unfamiliar odour in the air.  Sheriff Derek Livingstone accepted Mr Spalding’s story since he thought the attempt to grow cannabis had been so amateurish; presumably the good sheriff knows how it might have been done more professionally.  For more on pruritus and how to treat it lawfully, at least in the USA, see http://www.aad.org/public/publications/pamphlets/common_pruritus.html.  For previous civil authority on genital itches see Grant v Australian Knitting Mills [1936] AC 85 (the sulphites in the woollen underpants case).