Death of Lord Johnston

Scots Law News notes with sadness the sudden death of Lord Johnston, reported briefly in The Scotsman on 16th June. 

Lord Johnston was a graduate of Cambridge and Edinburgh Universities and was called to the bar in 1967.  He was appointed a QC in 1980 and served as Treasurer and subsequently dean of the faculty of advocates from 1989 until his appointment to the bench in 1994.  He was chairman of the Scottish Division of the Employment Appeal Tribunal from 1996 to 2005, and in recent years had served in the Inner House.

In recent months he sat in the appellate court that heard the Nat Fraser appeal (see 792).  And for regular Scots Law News readers his involvement in the lawburrows case Duff v Strang [2008] HCJAC 4 (see 734) where he delivered the opinion of the court is particularly noteworthy.