Narked about Narnia on the Net (2)

Readers interested by this story may like to follow up on the blog of Jonathan Mitchell QC, who has uncovered some more interesting data on the matter. 

It appears that Mr Saville-Smith, the aggrieved father, is a "domain parker", who has some 30 domain names "parked" on, a website which aims to "democratize so-called domain-squatting".  His site can be viewed here – be warned, it's exciting stuff.

Thanks to the diligence of our reporters we can add our own sixpennorth as follows:

Mr Saville-Smith himself has a website where he now acts as a media consultant ( and describes himself (as Jonathan Mitchell also notes) as "pretty darn brainy – no need to question our ability then, as 'media' people, to deal with complex issues or research…".  The site also claims that "In the media, giving it 'Big Licks' – bringing lots of energy, ideas and commitment to achieve a big bag of coverage – is what we do best. We're
never happier than reviewing a fat pile of our clients' cuttings and recordings. We'll take your campaign, event or report and work it up into something the national media in Scotland – or UK-wide media – will want to cover. We are very experienced in doing 'issues', so we will never lose sight of yours. Because we're credible and known to the Scottish national media, we're best placed to represent your story to them. We'll never oversell a story (that's why they like us), but we will discover your story's best and strongest points and energetically inject them into the media – ideas, meticulous and conscientious preparation, well-written press materials, pictures, stunts and judicious use of celebrities, come as standard. Always bespoke, always colourful – yet careful and sensitive to the needs and image of your organisation or campaign – our work will get you noticed. We are consistently friendly and fun to work with, as well as being articulate and effective communicators. And we are always fully committed to your aims – otherwise we won't take your story on. "