Naked Rambler in Barlinnie segregation unit

The Sunday Express for 22 June 2008 reports that Naked Rambler Steve Gough has been moved from Edinburgh's Saughton Prison to Glasgow's Barlinnie, where he is in the segregation unit.

For the Sunday Express the big angle is how much this is costing the taxpayer, saying that the average prisoner costs around £34,000 a year, but that segregation unit prisoners cost more thanks to the intensive staffing levels needed.

 There is however a quote from Tory MSP Bill Aitken: "There can be no doubt that his time in custody is not commensurate with his offence, and he is not a danger to the public, but what can you do?"

The newspaper also reports that recently the police struck a deal to drive Gough to the (presumably English) border to release him, but he changed his mind en route and insisted on getting out of the car.

Gough's ex-girlfriend Melanie Roberts gives "Barrel Annie" (see No 796) an endorsement in the article, being quoted as saying "Barlinnie is OK.  He doesn't like the food as much in the new prison but the cell is sound-proofed."  That's all right, then.