New Statesman on Captain Calamity, independent Forvik and a cross LibDem MP

Well-known left-leaning mag the New Statesman gives some coverage in its 2 July issue to the question of an independent Forvik, previously mentioned in Scots Law News here.

Disappointingly, the main point of the NS article seems to be that Mr Alistair Carmichael, LibDem MP for Shetland, is not pleased with Stuart Hill, whom the article also describes as a "pseudo-revolutionary".  Apparently you are only a revolutionary is if you can "make someone give a damn".  Mr Hill fails this test, it seems, because Mr Carmichael's constituents aren't calling him about it.  But evidently the New Statesman has done so; and for some revolutionaries of Scots Law News' acquaintance, getting a mention in the New Statesman would be enough reassurance to be going on with.