Sergeant Eros update

Stuart Kennedy, who earned what seemed likely to be temporary notoriety when cleared in April 2008 of carrying an offensive weapon in public by wielding a police truncheon in the course of his "police stripogram" act, has since been charged with three more offences.

Scots Law News has already noted how early on 18 May Mr Kennedy, who calls himself "Sergeant Eros" in his stripogram act, was arrested in Belmont Street Aberdeen while wearing camouflage gear, a flak jacket and a beret, and charged with breach of the peace.  On 28 June he was arrested in Fraserburgh, this time for obstructing a police officer.  And on 30 June he appeared in Peterhead Sheriff Court and pleaded not guilty to charges which allege that, dressed in police uniform, he attached flashing lights to the roof of his car and pulled motorists over, purporting to act in a police capacity.


Here is Mr Kennedy, in "Sergeant Eros" mode.  Court verdicts will no doubt tell us in due course who is persecuting whom in this developing saga.