Gail Sheridan cleared

There was slightly better news for the Sheridan family on 10 July 2008 when Gail Sheridan was cleared by her employers of the accusation of theft made last February.

Mrs Sheridan, who is a cabin crew member in British Airways, was suspended from her position after being accused of theft of alcohol miniatures from the company.  The accusation was made after a police search of the house where Mrs Sheridan lives with her husband Tommy (the well-known politician and media personality) and their child.  The search was carried out in connection with investigations of allegations of perjury committed during Mr Sheridan's successful defamation case against the News of the World in 2006.

A brief disciplinary hearing held by British Airways found that the allegations against Mrs Sheridan were unfounded, and she was enabled to return to work.  She has been employed by British Airways for 23 years.