CCTV keeping an eye on Elgol

Well-known troublespot Elgol on the Isle of Skye has been put under CCTV surveillance by Highland Council.

The Council installed the fixed camera in June 2008 in a position where it could oversee the pier at the village in the Strathaird area of Skye.  The pier is the starting point for competing boat trips in Loch Scavaig to view the beauties of the Cuillins and Loch Coruisk.  The source of the trouble is alleged breaches by the boat companies of the agreed times at which each of them can pick up passengers from the pier.  But the installation of the camera is apparently giving visitors the impression that Elgol is a crime blackspot, and residents are worried that tourism will suffer in consequence.  So numbers of the residents are now petitioning the Council for the camera's removal, also alleging that it intrudes upon their privacy.  To date the Council has declined to act, and it says that "no-one is monitoring the CCTV, it is on a permanent recording system, and would only be checked if the Council had been notified of any incident."

Scots Law News is planning a visit to Skye, including Elgol, and looks forward to recording an image on the camera of law-abiding behaviour.  Meantime, here are some photos from previous visits to show hesitant readers why they ought to get there and keep the tourist numbers up.