Where will you find solar panels and a ground source heat pump?

A riddle for our regular readers:  Where will you find solar panels and a ground source heat pump?

The roof of Glasgow sheriff court is now home to 700 square metres of solar panels (with a working life of 40 years), and Lochmaddy sheriff court will soon be home to a ground source heat pump.  It is anticipated that the introduction of the Glasgow solar panels will save £20,000 in energy expenditure and offset nearly forty tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Yes, with rising energy prices and concerns about climate change the drive for energy efficiency has reached the Scottish Court Service.

Eleanor Emberson, the Chief Executive of the Scottish Court Service, said:

"Even with the Scottish weather, the system can generate enough electricity at the outset to cover our out of hours usage. We are planning further investment on building and energy management systems to significantly cut the Court's energy consumption, which will mean the solar panels can contribute even more of our power requirements."

We leave it to readers to make up their own jokes in relation to other energy saving or recycling mechanisms that could be used in the courts – all in the interests of conserving the energy of Scots Law News contributors, of course.