Cockerel Wars: the return of Charlie

In August 2008 we reported that the owner of Charlie the cockerel, Kenneth “Ozzie” Williamson  had admitted breach of the court order put in place in 2007 to regulate Charlie’s early morning greeting to the residents of Selkirk.  At the subsequent hearing on sentencing Mr Williamson was fined £70.

However, during the hearing Mr Williamson’s solicitor advised the court that all was not well with Charlie

“The cockerel is making less and less noise. He is not keeping in the best of health. He is certainly not making as much noise as in his younger years.”

Aware of this news Scots Law News anxiously turned to our regular copy of the Selkirk Weekend Advertiser where Mr Williamson exclusively revealed that Charlie was unlikely to see out the winter.  He also confirmed that when Charlie joins the choir invisibule he will not be stuffed.

“I won't be able to take him to a taxidermist when he pops his clogs because he would be in a bedraggled state and he wouldn't be able to do him like he used to be – or if he did it would cost a lot of money.  He will have to be buried with honour instead.”

Resisting the urge to mount a campaign to meet the taxidermy costs instead we can now bring you a little light relief in the form of an on-line game – although we advise that Scots Law News does not endorse throwing pillows at cockerels.