Sergeant Eros update

Stuart Kennedy (aka Sergeant Eros) continues to keep Grampian Police and the sheriff courts of the north-east busy, with another arrest on 19 October 2008 and a court appearance on a separate charge on the 23rd.

Kennedy’s latest arrest for impersonating a policeman came in the early hours of a Sunday morning in Union Street, Aberdeen, and he was held by the police for some 24 hours.  During this time, Kennedy claims he suffered an asthma attack but was denied access to medical attention and treatment.  He has lodged a complaint against Grampian Police in respect of this.

The court appearance three days later was on a separate charge of impersonating a policeman and breach of the peace, but the case was adjourned until January 2009.  There are at least a couple of other cases understood to be pending.

It has also emerged that Kennedy is now employing a publicist, and plans to leave the world of stripograms for a career in shipping as soon as he has cleared off the backlog of charges against him.  Scots Law News had previously understood that Kennedy’s stripogram act was a way of paying for his university genetics studies, so finds the proposed move into a more nautical and commercial sphere of some interest.