Sergeant Eros caught flashing… (His strobe light, of course)

Further to our recent note that stripper Stuart Kennedy (better known to our regular readers as "Sergeant Eros") was on trial (again) for impersonating a police officer news came through on 23 June 2009 that Mr Kennedy was convicted in Peterhead sheriff court.

Sheriff Marysia Lewis found Kennedy guilty of impersonating a police officer after a three-day trial where drivers James Buchan and off-duty fireman Jamie Lawrie alleged that Kennedy had used a flashing strobe light to pull over motorists on the Aberdeen to Peterhead road.

After the trial Chief Inspector Gerry Cronin, of Grampian Police, said,

"This has never been about preventing an entertainer from performing. It's about public safety and our duty to protect the public from the very real dangers posed by fake police officers. Someone in a car giving the impression that the vehicle is a police vehicle could cause a serious accident and loss of life."

Sentence has been deferred until 16th July.