Naked Rambler returns to the streets

The latest appearance of Steve Gough the Naked Rambler was in Perth Sheriff Court (at last!) on 23 June 2009.

Our information comes from the Perthshire Advertiser, which describes Mr Gough as a "notorious exhibitionist" – perhaps a little bit harsh on the second bit of the description.  It appears that Gough was arrested a few days before his court appearance while walking unclad along Perth's Edinburgh Road.  Since our last news of the great man was of his incarceration in Perth prison, we can only assume that he had been released en deshabille from durance vile; but we have no information on how long this walk to freedom – or should that be unfreedom? – may have been.

 The Perthshire Advertiser reports that, also as usual, Gough refused to dress for court and also says that "Gough's agent William Somerville grew exasperated at Gough's lack of cooperation and washed his hands of the case."  Sheriff Michael Fletcher, last heard of here dealing with intrusions on Ann Gloag's nearby Kinfauns estate, fixed an intermediate diet for 2 July and the trial for the 16th.  We may then learn whether Mr Gough's new legal arguments, heralded in our last post on this subject, will persuade the court to take a different approach to his case.  Regular readers will recall our assessment of the pre-eminence of Perth Sheriff Court in matters of criminal jurisprudence.

There are one or two other interesting blogs following the fortunes of the Naked Rambler, for example here.