Naked rambling in Perth Sheriff Court

Steve Gough the Naked (and this time he was) Rambler pleaded Not Guilty to a charge of breach of the peace when he appeared in Perth Sheriff Court on 2 July 2009 ahead of a trial set down for the 16th.  But there was some verbal rambling during his appearance (this time without, it seems, the benefit of any professional advice).

The Perthshire Advertiser for 3 July, having told us that Gough had been allowed to appear without clothes after the court had been closed to the public, gives us the following exchange between Sheriff Michael Fletcher and Gough:

Sheriff Fletcher: "The trial will take place here on July 16.  You will not be allowed to attend without covering yourself.  Do you understand that?"

Steve Gough: "I do.  It seems to be different every time."

Sheriff Fletcher: "I have just told you what it will be this time."

Steve Gough: "That's news to me."

It also appears that Gough will represent himself at the trial, and that the prosecution's main evidence will be that of two police witnesses.  Here we go again, it seems.