No jail for Eros, but the Rambler gets a year

Police stripogram Stuart Kennedy managed to avoid jail on 16 July 2009 following his earlier conviction for impersonating a policeman, while on the same day Naked Rambler Steve Gough received a sentence of one year for breach of the peace plus four months for contempt of court.

At Peterhead Sheriff Court, Kennedy, professionally known as Sergeant Eros, was fined £400, ordered to carry out 200 hours community service and placed on a year's probation.  At Perth Sheriff Court, Gough refused to appear clothed for his trial (the contempt).  The trial proceeded with the accused surrounded by screens to shield him from the public gaze, and he was duly convicted.

The BBC gives a verbatim report of exchanges between Gough and presiding Sheriff Richard MacFarlane rather more coherent than those Gough had last week with Sheriff Fletcher: it seems that Gough was offered the opportunity to go free on bail if he would do so clothed, but this was refused, with a preference for martyrdom being expressed.