Tales from Perth Sheriff Court (continued)

Scots Law News' favourite sheriff court continues to provide a rich seam of material for the benefit of our readers.

The Herald for 5 November 2009 reports that a 22-year old man was convicted of breach of the peace in Perth Sheriff Court after challenging a lamp-post to a fight while he (the accused) was in a state of intoxication.  While not quite on the same level as some of our previous stories about men's relationships with inanimate objects – see here and here – this is certainly an impressive performance.  It is reported that the man shouted at the lamp-post to "come and have a go".  It surprised Scots Law News that apparently he didn't add "if you think you're hard enough".  The lamp-post is not reported to have made any complaint, but the man did also challenge first passers-by and then intervening policemen before his arrest.  He was sentenced to 80 hours community service.

Earlier, on 29 October, The Daily Express reported how Sheriff Robert McCreadie had sentenced an accused who had pleaded guilty to the charges against him to 80 days inside, but without first hearing the Crown on what had actually happened.  It appears that this was not the first such occurrence, and that in the previous instance the convicted man had actually spent a few hours in prison before being released as a result of the flaw in procedure.  In the latest case, the accused was still in court when the slip-up was spotted, so the sheriff was able to hear the Crown and then re-decide on his sentence.