Scots Law News: strictly not an X-Factor political blog

The Scotblogs Awards 2010 did not, despite the best efforts of our loyal readership, lead to ultimate glory for Scots Law News, but instead to reflection once more upon the difference between expert and popular opinion.

It appears that the awards were determined by a mixture of the popular vote and the views of a group of panellists.  While the latter gave no vote at all to Scots Law News, we made the top ten on readers' votes, yet ended 46th overall.  We were ranked 14th amongst non-political blogs

Scots Law News is grateful to all those who voted for us, and begins to have some unexpected fellow-feeling for Dancing John Sergeant and even the Jedward Twins.  We would like to know who was the Simon Cowell amongst the panellists.  Those who have never heard of either Strictly Come Dancing or The X-Factor should ignore this paragraph.

Our congratulations to winner SNP Tactical Voting