Silence falls in Perth Sheriff Court

Justice was done once again in Perth Sheriff Court as a sheriff first banned an engaged couple from talking with each other prior to their marriage, then lifted the ban to allow them to make plans, not only for their nuptials, but also for the fiancee's upcoming 50th birthday.

Sheriff Lindsay Foulis had originally granted the male accused (55) bail on a charge of breach of the peace on 6 March 2010 after the couple had had a noisy row in December 2009 while discussing their wedding arrangements.  A bail condition was that the accused not speak to his fiancee until August, and he left Perth for Glasgow to help him fulfil this.  The wedding was however scheduled for June, and the couple found it impossible to make their plans for the big day through intermediaries; the position being further complicated by the bride-to-be's desire to celebrate her half-century appropriately with her man.

Sheriff Foulis lifted the bail condition on 30 March after representations from the fiancee and the accused's solicitor, with the procurator fiscal presenting no objections.  Perhaps inappropriately the couple made no comment as they left the court together.  Scots Law News wishes them well in their celebrations.