Unusual things being thrown from the windows of flats: an occasional series. Number 3 – the plugged in vacuum cleaner

Earlier this year we noted the story of the throwing of a microwave oven from a top flat. Naively we suggested,

 "As cases involving the throwing of unusual items from upper flat windows seem to recur on a cyclical basis we await the next prosecution in early 2012."

However, we are very grateful to Greg Gordon, from the University of Aberdeen, who has brought to our attention what appears to be a speeding up of the cycle. On 7th June 2010 the Evening Express reported that Paul Black was found guilty of launching items with disregard to the consequences and to the danger of people below, as well as breach of the peace, and was fined £200.

Mr Black threw a variety of items out of the top flat window including weights and a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner was reported to be "dangling from the top-floor flat’s window because it was still plugged in".  

The Evening Express reports that the items were thrown out of the window in a "booze-fuelled incident".

If our regular readers are aware of any other prosecutions in relation to items being thrown from upper flat windows please contact us as the usual address.