Bouncing into the register

On 25th March 2010 at 5 am James Burden was on a trampoline in his garden in Falkirk. He was seen by a female neighbour who was going to the bathroom. She reported to police that he was naked and had

"a cigarette in one hand and his manhood in the other".

and described Burden 

"as being as bold as brass and purposeful".

The BBC reports that Burden told police

"he had taken to the trampoline, "just for the thrill of it"."

While the BBC report stops there, the STV report indicates that Mr Burden had indicated that he had not intended to be seen.

Burden pleaded guilty to shamelessly indecent conduct but it appears has attempted to change his plea to not guilty. STV reports that his agent indicated that

"his client claimed to have "only pled guilty to avoid the embarrassment of a trial"". 

The attempt to change his plea has been rejected today by Sheriff Craig Caldwell in Falkirk Sheriff Court.

Burden has now been placed on the sex offenders register (joining those referred to in an earlier post). He will be sentenced later this month.

For those that do not know what a trampoline looks like STV helpfully publish a picture in their on-line report. They have used this picture in earlier coverage of the case too. It is not clear from the reports if this is Mr Burden's trampoline. It is hoped that this will be cleared up when sentencing is reported later this month.