Scotland at the International Congress of Comparative Law

For the first time Scotland will be represented as a separate jurisdiction at the quadriennial International Congress of Comparative Law, taking place in Washington from 25 July-1 August 2010.

Hitherto Scotland has been entirely subsumed within the United Kingdom submissions to the conference, but now a group of reporters has been assembled to cover separately topics which could be reported on from a Scottish perspective.  This results from an initiative of Professor David Carey Miller (Aberdeen Law School) and the relatively newly formed Scottish Association for Comparative Law.  There will still be a UK submission on a number of topics (as can be seen from the Congress programme) but, for the moment at least, nothing on English law.

The list of Scots law reporters and topics is as follows:

1A. Legal culture and legal transplants; Esin Örücü

IB. Religion and the secular state; Frank Lyall

ID. The role of practice in legal education; Elaine Tyre 

IIA. Catastrophic damages – liability and insurance; Gordon Cameron

IIB. Recent private international law codifications; Janeen Carruthers

IIC. Cost and fee allocation rules; Greg Gordon 
        Class actions; Sarah Bleichner

IID. Climate change and the law; Colin Reid

IVC. Are human rights universal and binding?; Jim Murdoch

VB. The exclusionary rule; Fiona Leverick