Supreme Court and English Law Commission to go?

The Daily Telegraph and the BBC published on 24 September 2010 leaked UK government lists of public bodies to be abolished or under review in the expected round of huge public expenditure cuts to be made in the autumn, the UK Supreme Court and the English Law Commission being amongst the group still up for review.

The lists appear to have been originated in mid to late August this year, so were already a month or so out-of-date by the time of their publication.  Scots Law News suspects that outright abolition is not on the cards for either body, but that both may be expected to do at least as much with less in future.

Your correspondent noted also the presence on the list of bodies under review of the Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information (APPSI), on which he has been Scottish Representative since 2005.  He is beginning to wonder if his membership of public bodies and aspirations to public service are good ideas, at least for the bodies concerned: so far, the Intellectual Property Advisory Committee and the Scottish Records Advisory Council are the ones to have bitten the dust.