The grave’s a fine and private place …

Our thanks to fellow blogger Lallands Peat Worrier who has drawn our attention to the splendid public indecency case decided on 1 November 2010 by the Court of Criminal Appeal, holding that the Eastern Necropolis, Dundee, was not "public" in the sense required for the commission of the offence by the performance of fellatio within the graveyard's bounds.

Lallands Peat Worrier, to whom we must refer readers for all details, presents the story in Burnsian mode, recalling Tam O'Shanter's misadventures with Cutty Sark at Alloway Kirk on Hallowe'en.  Scots Law News was rather reminded of the metaphysical poet Andrew Marvell addressing his coy mistress, whence our headline.  For those who don't know Marvell, the next line of his chat-up poem – and indeed the whole poem – can be consulted here.  Clearly starting from a sound proposition, his metaphysics led him to a mistaken conclusion.  Perhaps he had never visited Dundee?

Naked Rambler goes forth – and back again

Scots Law News learns from unimpeachable sources (STV and the Scottish Sun) that Naked Rambler Steve Gough was released from Perth Prison on Friday 29 October 2010 but, being as ever without apparel, he was then rearrested at the prison gates.

A brief (and of course naked) appearance from custody in Perth Sheriff Court on Monday 1 November, charged with breach of the peace, led to his being remanded in custody once more.

The pantomime season approaches.