Scots Law News extends its social network

It's almost two years since Scots Law News signed up to Twitter.  Having successfully avoided making any embarrassing tweets, we are now trying out Facebook with a Scots Law News page there too.

If we are honest, our principal aim in setting up the page is to store material that we might use when, as over the last month, your correspondents are too busy with other things to do much if any blawging.  So if you look at the page now, you'll find that we are tracking such matters as Mr Megrahi, human rights and their manifold implications for the Scottish legal system and curious cases in the Court of Session, as well as some beavers running amok on Tayside and the future of Stornoway black pudding.  We hope to blog on all these shortly.

We would welcome thoughts on the Facebook page and how it might interact most effectively with the blawg and the Twitter feed.