(139)  Political appointments: a new Solicitor General

The new First Minister, Jack McConnell, announced his Cabinet on 27 November 2001.  Although several incumbent Ministers lost their jobs, Jim Wallace continues as Deputy First Minister and Minister of Justice, while Colin Boyd remains Lord Advocate.  Solicitor General for Scotland Neil Davidson QC resigned, however, and was succeeded by Elish Angiolini (41), previously regional procurator fiscal  for Grampian, Highlands and Islands.  Mrs Angiolini is the first woman and the first solicitor to hold the post of Solicitor General for Scotland, and as such will have a right of audience in the High Court of Justiciary.  Mr McConnell said that it is time to change the perception of this job and to focus on modernisation and reform of the prosecution service.  I want tackling crime effectively and the public perception of an important