As Lord Watson of Invergowrie left Saughton prison on 23 May 2006, having completed eight months of his sentence for fire-raising (see No 545), so a place began to be prepared for Alan McCombes, Press and policy co-ordinator of the Scottish Socialist Party, who refused to comply with a court order to disclose documents relating to a meeting of the Party executive in November 2004.  The documents were being sought by the News of the World to aid them in defending a defamation action brought by Tommy Sheridan MSP, who resigned as leader of the SSP immediately after the meeting in question.  Mr Sheridan’s action against the newspaper relates to allegations about his private life made before the meeting and resignation (see No 404).  Mr McCombes was supposed to hand over the papers in court on 26 May, but having declined to do so, he was jailed by the judge (Lady Smith).  He was also warned that he would be held in contempt if his refusal persisted when he was next brought before the court on 6 June.  Colin Fox MSP, leader of the SSP, criticized the court’s decision as nothing but interference by the state”