Following the clear success of the Scottish Executive pilot scheme for a single sellers’ survey in house-buying (just 73 instances in 6 months, when the Executive acknowledged that it needed at least 1,200 to allow for statistically robust analysis – see No 438), Housing Minister Malcolm Chisholm announced on 3 March 2005 that such surveys would be made compulsory from 2007.  The surveys will provide prospective buyers with detailed information about the property for sale.  The aim is to save buyers the cost of multiple surveys – estimated at £7 million per annum overall – of properties which they do not buy, and is also thought likely to reduce the reliance of buyers on the basic valuation report which is what is typically commissioned at the moment (rather than a full structural survey).  Mr Chisholm said it was clear that the voluntary approach had not delivered” and that “in this market-led situation