The Professor of Public International law and Human Rights at the Antioch School of Law was Stephen Pendaries Kerr.  He acted as pro bono international legal counsel until 1999 to the House of Habsburg-Lorraine re the 1919 banishment of the Habsburgs from Austria and the confiscation of all of their personal, private property by the Republic of Austria.  And as a result of success in having their banishment lifted he was gifted the Barony of Ardgowan in Renfrew (according to the narrative on p 7 of the barony records for the Baron Court of Prestoungrange and Dolphinston at  http://www.prestoungrange.org/core-files/archive/trinity_session/03_convening_the_courts.pdf)

In October 2004 an interlocutor in Professor Kerr’s favour was granted by the Lord Lyon confirming that he was infeft in the Lands and Barony of Ardgowan at 25 October 2004 and … entitled as Baron of Ardgowan to baronial additaments to his Ensigns Armorial”.  Professor Kerr had petitioned the Lord Lyon in May 2004 in the name “The Much Honoured Stephen Kerr of Ardgowan