On 29 November 2006 Judge Saquib Nisar of the Lahore High Court in Pakistan ruled that an interim custody order of the Court of Session in relation to a child known either as Molly Campbell or Misbah Rana had been violated when the girl’s father and sister accompanied her on a flight from Stornoway in the Isle of Lewis to, first, Glasgow and then Lahore in August 2006.  The Court of Session order, made the previous June, had awarded interim custody to Molly/Misbah’s mother Louise Campbell, who lived with her in Stornoway until her departure.  Judge Nisar ordered the father, Sajad Ahmed Rana, to return his daughter to the British High Commission in Islamabad, from where she would be taken back to Scotland.  Mr Rana indicated that he would appeal against the judge’s order in the Pakistani Supreme Court, while his daughter (12) said that she did not wish to go back to Stornoway where, she claimed, she had been the victim of racial abuse.  She also said that she had had left Scotland of her own free will rather than being abducted.  Judge Nisar said, however, that after interviewing the girl, his view was that though she said she wants to live in Pakistan